Geoff Welch and his daughter share a milkshake

“Why Do You Love Me, Daddy?”

The most important moments always seem to sneak up on me. As I was tucking my 7-year old daughter in bed last night she asked, out of the blue, “why do you love me, daddy?”

Lorna Shaw, 2014 UAF School of Management Business Leader of the Year

Connecting People Builds a Life That Matters

I bet you can point to at least one person in your life who changed your trajectory because they connected you to someone or something to which you didn’t previously have access. You can make small-but-huge connections for the people in your life too.

Scott Erickson

Love Thy Haters

Rejecting the status quo, doing your very best work, and building a life that matters, will set you up for criticism. But I wonder…can you love your haters?

Kick Ass At Being Alive

Kick Ass At Being Alive

You and I wake up every day to a world full of possibility, but it’s easy to miss out on how spectacular that is because it just keeps happening.

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