You have something the world needs

The Unapologetic Truth About Your Work

Your Work is not here to make friends and it does not want the best for you. Your Work wants your best for everyone else. Your Work will change people and projects and communities for the better.

Katherine Jernstrom & Brit Szymoniak of The Boardroom

Building Community at The Boardroom

The best thing about The Boardroom is that it is a vehicle for Katherine and Brit to build something even more important than a cool place to work: these dynamic entrepreneurs are building a community.

Geoff and Nicole Welch

Falling In Love Is Like Getting Gum In Your Hair

The woman lying next to me in bed this morning has a tremendous reservoir of patience. Today marks 17 years since we were married and started waking up together, a span of time in which I have tested her patience extensively. On the surface it may seem like completely loving someone means you choose them […]

Mike Lund

Mike Lund: Leadership Lessons from the GoRuck Challenge

In this interview Mike Lund describes elements of the GoRuck Challenge and shares brilliant insights from the event related to coordinating teams, selflessness, the critical importance of attitude, and how people are waiting to be led.

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