The Unapologetic Truth About Your Work

You have something the world needs

Your Work is not here to make friends and it does not want the best for you. Your Work wants your best for everyone else. Your Work will change people and projects and communities for the better.

Building Community at The Boardroom

Katherine Jernstrom & Brit Szymoniak of The Boardroom

The best thing about The Boardroom is that it is a vehicle for Katherine and Brit to build something even more important than a cool place to work: these dynamic entrepreneurs are building a community.

Falling In Love Is Like Getting Gum In Your Hair

Geoff and Nicole Welch

The woman lying next to me in bed this morning has a tremendous reservoir of patience. Today marks 17 years since we were married and started waking up together, a span of time in which I have tested her patience extensively. On the surface it may seem like completely loving someone means you choose them […]

Mike Lund: Leadership Lessons from the GoRuck Challenge

Mike Lund

In this interview Mike Lund describes elements of the GoRuck Challenge and shares brilliant insights from the event related to coordinating teams, selflessness, the critical importance of attitude, and how people are waiting to be led.

Kindness Matters

I'm thankful for kind and gracious people

Kindness and graciousness can have a profound impact on the people with whom we share it. You can’t control how people treat you, but you are in control of how you treat them.

Leah Boltz Is Building Parks For All

Leah Boltz

When Leah Boltz saw a need to make public parks accessible to children with a wide range of abilities she decided to do something about it by co-founding Parks For All, a project that just might change the world.

Tomorrow Is Too Late

Tomorrow is too late

It is so easy to look to the future, expectant, waiting for something better, but please don’t fail to recognize that you can waste an entire lifetime waiting for the future to arrive.

Stella Knows Happy: The Stella Grizont Interview

Stella Grizont of Woopaah

In addition to being one of the first 150 people in the world to earn a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, Stella is also the founder of Woopaah and her work has been featured on ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, in Entrepreneur Magazine, and…well…you get it. She’s a badass.

Humans Are Not Machines

We are not machines

Fellow humans: we are not machines. I worry that our inability to care for ourselves and set realistic boundaries is making us less capable of taking care of one another. When you can’t keep from drowning in the ocean of your own responsibility, how can you rescue someone else who is drowning?

“Why Do You Love Me, Daddy?”

Geoff Welch and his daughter share a milkshake

The most important moments always seem to sneak up on me. As I was tucking my 7-year old daughter in bed last night she asked, out of the blue, “why do you love me, daddy?”

Connecting People Builds a Life That Matters

Lorna Shaw, 2014 UAF School of Management Business Leader of the Year

I bet you can point to at least one person in your life who changed your trajectory because they connected you to someone or something to which you didn’t previously have access. You can make small-but-huge connections for the people in your life too.

Love Thy Haters

Scott Erickson

Rejecting the status quo, doing your very best work, and building a life that matters, will set you up for criticism. But I wonder…can you love your haters?

Kick Ass At Being Alive

Kick Ass At Being Alive

You and I wake up every day to a world full of possibility, but it’s easy to miss out on how spectacular that is because it just keeps happening.

Why Is It So Hard To Ask People For Help?

Geoff Welch and Amy Nordrum Talk About Asking For Help

Asking for help might not only be good for us (it is), but doing so might actually be a gift to the person we ask. It feels good when someone recognizes your strengths and asks for your help in those areas, so maybe that’s something worth practicing.

2013 Was Completely Ridiculous

Geoff Welch accepting the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Bill Stroeker Small Business of the Year Award for Date-Line Digital Printing

The most important lesson I’ve learned in the last 12 months is that the honest, genuine support of people who give a damn about you is completely overwhelming, encouraging, and inspiring.