“Why Do You Love Me, Daddy?”

Geoff Welch and his daughter share a milkshake

The most important moments always seem to sneak up on me. As I was tucking my 7-year old daughter in bed last night she asked, out of the blue, “why do you love me, daddy?”

Connecting People Builds a Life That Matters

Lorna Shaw, 2014 UAF School of Management Business Leader of the Year

I bet you can point to at least one person in your life who changed your trajectory because they connected you to someone or something to which you didn’t previously have access. You can make small-but-huge connections for the people in your life too.

Love Thy Haters

Scott Erickson

Rejecting the status quo, doing your very best work, and building a life that matters, will set you up for criticism. But I wonder…can you love your haters?

Kick Ass At Being Alive

Kick Ass At Being Alive

You and I wake up every day to a world full of possibility, but it’s easy to miss out on how spectacular that is because it just keeps happening.

Why Is It So Hard To Ask People For Help?

Geoff Welch and Amy Nordrum Talk About Asking For Help

Asking for help might not only be good for us (it is), but doing so might actually be a gift to the person we ask. It feels good when someone recognizes your strengths and asks for your help in those areas, so maybe that’s something worth practicing.

2013 Was Completely Ridiculous

Geoff Welch accepting the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Bill Stroeker Small Business of the Year Award for Date-Line Digital Printing

The most important lesson I’ve learned in the last 12 months is that the honest, genuine support of people who give a damn about you is completely overwhelming, encouraging, and inspiring.

Confronting The Fear of Rejection

Jia Jiang of 100 Days of Rejection Therapy

Jia decided that in order to conquer the fear of rejection that was stifling his entrepreneurial dreams he needed to face rejection head on by asking people for crazy things. Things got really interesting when people started saying “yes.”

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I Am Not A Victim

You are probably so used to your internal narrator that you rarely question the stories it feeds you, but maybe you should because that Voice can be your worst enemy. I know from experience because in 2009 I was in a bad place…

I Don’t Think I’m Afraid Anymore

Set List, October 27, 2013

A year ago I would have been too terrified to own the fact that I want to speak, and write, and develop a conference, and be an inflection point, and do work that helps people become intentional about building lives that matter, but I don’t think I’m afraid anymore. I’m just doing it.

Thank God For The Red Sox

I wonder what would happen if we started to see the problems we face as rivals that offer us opportunities to learn and grow as we overcome them? What would be different if we viewed uncomfortable challenges as occasions to get better and demonstrate our value?

Sabrina Stoffregen on Brand Ambassadors

Intel's Sabrina Stoffregen

Ambassadors are trusted, passionate storytellers with street credibility and others look to them for guidance. Does that kind of person sound familiar to you? Perhaps that kind of person is sitting in your chair right now.

Let’s Help Rachel Warbelow Change Education

Rachel Warbelow is changing education

Someone forgot to tell Rachel Warbelow that 5th grade teachers can’t change the face of education, so she just decided to do it.

Customer Service Is The New Black

Geoff Welch presenting "Customer Service is The New Black" at the October PRSA luncheon in Fairbanks, Alaska

In this heartfelt talk entitled “Customer Service Is The New Black” I share about the unusual place I developed my customer service philosophies and the importance of treating customers like people. I hope this talk inspires you to treat others as you’d like to be treated, and to care about others at least as much as you care about yourself.

I Love My Friends

Lauren made this #thxgeoffwelch badge

I am so lucky to know such amazing people, and today’s events have humbled me. I want to be a person worthy of such an outpouring, but I by no means believe I am.

I Need You To Freak The Hell Out

Calm is overrated, somebody freak the hell out

Show me you care more about building something great than you do about being right and I won’t need you to be right all the time.